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Subas Human Resources Pvt Ltd conducts periodic Public Awareness Campaign on Ethical Recruitment on various parts of Nepal to spread awareness on Ethical recruitment, it's procedures, No fees/ Zero cost recruitment, Direct Worker hiring to avoid any intermediaries or agents amongst interested candidates/ job seekers looking to pursue foreign employment.

We organize these awareness campaigns with coordination from local governmental bodies and reputed personal in each area/ ward/ village to win trust of all interested job seekers/ candidates and to further prove legitimacy of Ethical Recruitment at ZERO COST/ NO FEES. We collaborate with local bodies in each area because job seekers/ candidates nowadays find it hard to believe just us as recruitment agencies since other unethical recruitment agencies have had a history of organizing village campaigns promoting/ promising No fees recruitment but then asking for money with the candidates once they reach out to said recruitment agencies. 

So, to stand out as a legitimate Committed Ethical Recruitment Agency following ethical recruitment code of conduct, we collaborate with local bodies and government bodies so the candidates can feel secure and be sure that we are not doing any false advertisement and that if they choose Subas Human Resources Pvt Ltd, they will receive opportunity at No Fees to the candidate. 

Some glimpses from our recent public awareness campaign are shown below; 

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