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We being follower of Ethical Recruitment Code of conduct, We are committed to implement No Fees policy strictly during workers recruitment. We are committed to recruit workers ethically by following policies listed below; 

  • We have an explicit , and Transparent recruitment policy that prohibits the charging of recruitment fees while recruiting the worker

  • We inform the job seeker through job advertisement and the interview process that they don't have to bear any cost recruitment and placement.

  • Gifts to or from suppliers and customers is not excessive in cost and frequency Bribes or their methods obtaining undue or Improper advantage are not being promised, offered, authorized , given or accepted.

  • We ensure that no worker is being forced to pay recruitment fees via saving Program, deposit, bond, deductions to any form of middleman/ agent.

  •  No worker should pay for a job placement. The costs of recruitment should be borne by the EMPLOYER not by the worker. 

  • Transportation and lodging costs to bring workers to the work place are not paid by the worker directly or indirectly, Transportation and lodging cost should be borne by the EMPLOYER. 

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