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Subas Human Resources (P) Ltd. was founded in the year 2010. The company operates in accordance with ethical principles governing the recruitment process. We hold ISO certification and are proud members of both the Nepal Foreign Employment Association and the Chamber of Commerce. Our company has earned a reputation as a reliable choice for overseas employment solutions. Our establishment was driven by the mission to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers while delivering optimal employment solutions. At Subas Human Resources (P) Ltd., we are dedicated to ensuring transparency throughout the recruitment process. We are committed to fostering professionalism and addressing the concerns of workers. Adhering to the Ethical Recruitment Code of Conduct not only benefits all stakeholders, including us as an agency based in Nepal, but also motivates us to continually enhance the efficiency of our ethical recruitment practices.


Our recruiting agency stands out in Nepal's competitive market due to our unique and highly effective direct worker hiring system. Unlike other agencies, we have established a robust network that allows us to connect with potential workers through a diverse range of mediums. We harness the power of word of mouth, daily newspapers, social media platforms, and tap into the valuable resources of existing migrant workers, ex-workers, and their relatives. We organize Village Campaign which ensures that we reach even the most remote areas, while casual callers further extend our reach. Moreover, our commitment to ethical recruitment is unwavering. We organize Public Awareness Campaigns in various parts of Nepal, collaborating closely with local bodies and government personnel, emphasizing that no worker should bear the burden of recruitment fees or rely on agents or middlemen to access job opportunities.

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 “Empowering Human to Quality Work”

Subas Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. Recognizes the global needs for employment. Therefore, we provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to Nepalese jobseeker the opportunity to work abroad.

We create a tailored, transparent recruitment experience, encouraging honest feedback and continual improvement.

As we practice ethical recruitment our mission is to protect migrant worker's rights and reducing the risk of people becoming victims of forced labor.


“To fulfill the global necessity of recruitment efficiently and set ourselves as the most reliable Human Resources Provider Worldwide.”

  • To build a positive impression of ethical recruitment by devoting ourselves to the happiness of our clients, candidates and staff

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Subas Human Resources Pvt. Ltd. is for the clients and workers and their satisfaction.

Our main goal is to give the complete satisfaction for both employers and jobseekers.


  • We will always deliver what we promise, while working to the highest quality standard.

  • We respect professionalism, team work, accountability, transparency and innovation.

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